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Shirt reference


h A = Half Chest

h B = Body Length


h S: A 47cm / 70cm

h M: A 50cm / 72cm

h L: A 53cm / 74cm

h XL56cm / 77cm


North of the Internet sticker sheet

Full page size: 21 x 24 cm

Sticker A: 5.6 x 10 cm

Sticker B: 7 x 10.5 cm

Sticker C: 2 x 15 cm

Sticker D: 4.5 x 8 cm

Sticker E: 7.5 x 7.5 cm

Sticker F: 7.6 x 9 cm

q One sheet of gorgeous North of the Internet stickers. High quality black matte ink printed on a transparent, water-resistant and round-angled sheet.

$6.00 + shipping


North of the Internet pin

q A minimal, sleek and understated way to represent NOTI, our stylish pins come in one color and are plated in black nickel.

8 3/4″ Cloisonné pin

$10.00 + shipping


North of the Internet shirt


q Extremely high-quality tri-blend shirt with a perfect fit and a soft, silky touch. Not only does it represent North of the Internet’s commitment to beauty and dignity, it is destined to be your favorite T-shirt in your collection.

8 Available in light grey and dark grey in S, M, L and XL.
8 50% polyester
8 25% cotton
8 25% ciscose
8 130 g/m²

$22.00 + shipping


North of the Internet bundle



q This exquisite bundle of North of the Internet’s available items includes one pin, one shirt of your choice size/color and one high-quality sticker sheet for $8.00 off the total price of the individual items. This is the ultimate way to make North of the Internet’s commitment to beauty, dignity and introspection your own!

8 1 shirt (any size/color)
8 1 pin
8 1 sticker sheet

$30.00 + shipping

f Stickers, pin and shirts designed by Bas Mantel and Julien Fernandez
f Photographs by Alessio Federico and Julien Fernandez

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