North of the Internet is a daily series of conversations with creative human beings founded by Julien Fernandez and Morgan Enos.

We’d rather understand our subjects as human beings than public figures. We explore the subjects of astronomy, technology, science, time and the depths of memory to reach creatives we love on a deeper level.

The premise is simple – we try to have an extraordinary conversation with a creative human being.

Then, they have the option to go on to have a conversation with someone else themselves. This can be anyone of their choosing, and their personal network may continue or stop with them.

We aim to revisit the art of conversation, and explore the possibility of a new realm for creatives outside the linear, predictable form of mass media.

This way, North of the Internet is out of control and deliberately offers itself to the unknown – much like our subjects themselves.

Join us at the North of the Internet. We can’t wait for you to experience it.

About the founders

Morgan Scott Enos is a California-born songwriter, humorist, publicist and journalist.

A prolific power pop songwriter and cultural observer, he has released records since 2013 as Other Houses and other monikers. His latest, Fortune Selector, was released in 2017. He has also written music criticism for Glide Magazine,Talkhouse Music and Nine Bullets.

Now, the intent of his curatorial work for North of the Internet is to bring creators’ more internal, subconscious thoughts to the wider world and to understand his creative relationships with others better.

Morgan is currently based in Queens, NY, where he continues to creatively fire on all cylinders.

Julien Léonard Fernandez is a French/Spanish multidisciplinary artist based in Pescara, IT.

Previously, he was the drummer of the bands Chevreuil and Passe Montagne. He also curated the prolific European independent label Africantape between 2008 and 2014.

His work for that label was built around self-sufficiency, self-education, interconnectivity, friendship and sudden encounters with the unknown.

Now, Julien’s creative work rests partly on silence. He draws vectorial shapes and writes about genealogy, contagion, fog, narrative logic, classification of concepts, 16th century medicine, islands and magic.

About the design

The site design and architecture of North of the Internet was conceptualized by Julien Fernandez. It is built around the idea of organic connections between people, symbolized by icons that create a network built as a constellation.

North of the Internet was also brought to life with the help of designers Bas Mantel, Samuel Cochetel and Emiliano Colantoni and photographer Alessio Federico and cinematographer Mia Cioffi Henry.

In the Wiring & Data section of each conversation, you’ll find a graph system. It comes from an imaginary algorithm built around three notions that tend to be challenged by the art of conversation.

1. The question
2. The expectation of the answer
3. The actual answer

The intent of the question always contains an expected answer, which is usually distorted by different variables or by the subject themselves.

Please note that North of the Internet is meant to be viewed at the largest aspect ratio possible.

North of the Internet is a daily series of conversations with creative human beings.

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