We asked Bronson to describe everything he knows about the first five years of his life and what he wishes for his next five.


Born at Forest General Hospital in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.


My family lived at my grandparents’ home while my parents got on their feet.


Lived in a small apartment in Laurel, Minnesota, with my parents. They were trying to escape the cult they were raised in. They returned to said cult in the ’90s because I started getting into skateboarding and punk rock.


First memories. I remember holding a wooden spoon and telling my parents it was a “shit.” Don’t know why I thought this or where I learned the word.


Remember going to visit my great grandparents a lot. They were in a nursing home and my great grandfather could barely speak due to a stroke, but he always got me a Barques root beer in a glass bottle and was so excited to just sit and watch Bonanza with me.


I got expelled from daycare because a kid stole my “Jokey,” a toy bear that I named, so I punched him in the face and got it back.


Obviously, make more records. We’ve started an independent label and are dabbling in publishing and movie placement. I want to sharpen those skills and find more like-minded, hard working people to team up with.


Looking at scary “adult” things like owning a house and sending our kids to college. I didn’t go to school, but my kids already show so much promise that I want to have things in place for them if they go that way. Free myself up to work in various studios. Dial Back isn’t going anywhere, but I’d like to travel some and find a place for my family to call home for good. Some place with brownstones and buildings that go above two stories.


Make millions of dollars, but on my terms.


World conquest. Mind you, this all falls under the broader heading of “Do better each day.” I’m not much of a planner.

Thank you.

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