A conversation with Heather Trost


    We spoke with Heather Trost about moving shadows, why animals are smarter than humans, how the moon affects ocean tides, the components of a breaking wave and the opposite of her own personality.

    The moon gathers the energy in towards itself and pulls the water like marionette strings.

    We asked Heather to list 21 objects, thoughts, dreams or other concepts of her choice sans explanation.

    D Waves.

    D Saz.

    D Candle.

    D Civil disobedience.

    D Trees are sacred.

    D Animals are smarter than humans.

    D Humans are distroying the world.

    D Ranunculus.

    D Virga.

    D Petrichor.

    D Greed is the root of all evil.

    D Banana.

    D Disco.

    D Grammar.

    D Funky bass lines.

    D Hungarian card games.

    D Pálinka.

    D Raki.

    D Ouzo.

    D Hashish.

    D Jungian psychology.


    Morgan Enos

    Please describe the opposite of who you are, extensively and impassively, as if you’re just describing yourself. What are opposite-you’s hopes, dreams, hang-ups and desires?

    Heather Trost

    I’m a go-getter. I’m really impulsive and just go for it. I’m not nervous to perform at all, and I also love being the center of attention. I really want to be super-rich and go hunting in my spare time.


    Do you ever chafe under technology or the constraints of the temporal world? For some reason, more now than ever, I resent security cameras, data mining and Instagram stories about someone’s lunch. Thoughts?

    All the time. I’m also always looking for excuses to leave my phone at home. Unless I’m watching a film, I find looking at a screen for more than 20 minutes to be soul-sucking.


    Please briefly close your eyes and describe the color behind your eyelids. Any other patterns or strange visual phenomena you notice?

    Purplish with some moving shadows and bright spots.


    Can you describe how the moon affects ocean tides?

    The moon gathers the energy in towards itself and pulls the water like marionette strings.


    Please tell me one thing that is conventionally agreed upon in the world to be 100% true and provable that you disagree with.

    Rich people are smarter than poor people.


    What are the three major parts of a breaking wave as it hits the shore?

    It swells, it peaks, and it crashes on the sand and recedes.

    Thank you.


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    Curated by: Morgan Enos
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    Published: April 9, 2018
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    About the subject

    Heather Trost is one half of the band A Hawk and a Hacksaw. She resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

    About the curator

    Morgan Enos is a songwriter and journalist originally from California. His curatorial work for North of the Internet aims to strike a deeper place in his conversation subjects — the dreamy subtext to the linear everyday. Morgan also frequently writes power pop records as Other Houses about joy, outer space, frustration, chess and spiritual light. He resides in New York, where he continues to creatively fire on all cylinders.

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