December 14, 2018
6:15 am

This is a wrap for 2018 at North of the Internet!

9 We published 136 conversations this year — that’s 36 more than 2017.

9 We welcomed wonderful 2D, 3D, 4D and guest curators — Neal Breton, Caleb Nichols, Alec Dartley, Chris Lambert, Ruben Zarate, James Jackson Toth, Trinidad Escobar, Brandon Geurts, Nicholas Coyne, Clive Hacker, Alexandra Wallace, Eric Weiner, Jerry David DeCicca and Meredith Hobbs.

9 We expanded our company into North of the Internet, Inc., and introduced our unique record label Computer Students.

Next year, we plan to venture outside the boundaries of graphic design and the written word to connect creative human beings like never before.

Click here to read all of our 2018 conversations. We’ll see you next year!

Dignity and introspection!


North of the Internet is a series of conversations with creative human beings.

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