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March 9, 2018
6:02 am

We write to you from the midst of a snowstorm in New York, working hard on delivering incredible new conversations to you.

Did you know our staff is a grand total of two friends living in two different parts of the world? Regardless, we convened in the city this week to discuss some exciting developments North of the Internet will be bringing you in 2018.

Beyond that, we hope you enjoy this week of intellectually nourishing, mind-expanding talks, which begins with one of my personal favorite artists of the 20th century. We certainly did.

Ian Anderson
Eric Slick < Skyler Skjelset
James Jackson Toth < Douglas Rushkoff
Andrea Gibson
Jesy Fortino

We’re going to take a break from posts next week. We’ll see you in Week 12!


March 2, 2018
6:10 am

It’s only now become really clear to me after about 25 years how much loss all of us have to reckon with in our past, present and future.

In my case, it almost leads to a sense of resentment if you meet somebody who has seemingly dealt with zero adversity.

However, I think the right reaction is to reverse death in life — to live proudly in the face of grief, to look forward without losing sight of the gift of the people or things you had.

Maybe our Week 9 subjects can lead the way.

Eric Weiner
Angelina La Pointe
Vanessa Jean Speckman
Nimai Larson < Corey Towers
Jacob Hemphill

May their insights be of service!


February 23, 2018
6:10 am

If there’s one message I hope we can eventually convey with NOTI, it might be “Hey, you can’t just get in line.”

I hope we’re a tiny bit in opposition to the forces in our world that would like to limit our imaginations to a series of canned talking points and indignant tweets.

Try and think beyond the glowing screen this week, about how this form of reality hides an innate genius beyond what anyone could have guessed otherwise.

Maybe our Week 8 subjects can help.

Kyle Bates
Maya Stoner
Brenna Ehrlich < Lily Anderson
Eric Slick < Greg Saunier
Kalu James
Sean McCann

Keep in touch!


February 16, 2018
6:10 am

The great Quincy Jones recently said this: “God is pushing the bad in our face to make people fight back.”

I wouldn’t blame anyone who feels like our global problems are coarsening lately, the unsavoriness digging in its heels, the divide widening between coolness and ugliness.

Luckily, we have our Week 7 subjects to see our global turmoil as a means to an end for transcendence.

Ruben Zarate < L. Martin
Chad Peck
Brenna Ehrlich < Lianne Oelke
Ezra Feinberg
Alec Dartley < Ty Segall

Where’s your spiritual battle headed?


February 9, 2018
6:20 am

The part of the constellation Orion that contains the Horsehead Nebula contains some stunning juxtapositions of light and shadow, substance and negative space.

If you take a look at a photo, the dark clouds of the Horsehead are opaque like thick ink, while the Orion Nebula is diffused, ethereal.

I see our Week 6 subjects as possessing a unique ability to make out what’s beyond the glass, darkly.

Brenna Ehrlich < Jessica Cluess
Fiona Joy Hawkins
Brenna Ehrlich < Kate Bernheimer
Chris Lambert < Weston Scott
Jerry David DeCicca

PS. All of our conversations now follow a background color system as per each curator. Browse and enjoy!


February 2, 2018
6:35 am

We’re increasingly living in an arbitrary, linear world where little moments of awe are made out to be quaint or irrelevant.

What if a sliver of energy we spent worrying about exes, brunch, losing ten pounds, our online aesthetic, getting to work on time and negative Twittering was spent gobsmacked by a leaf or a lizard?

Our Week 5 subjects are interested in the world for what it is, not what it’s agreed upon to be.

Sarah McQuaid
Eric Slick < Harmony Tividad
Brook Dalton
Chris Lambert < Anton Kellner
Shawn Amos

What ordinary things blow your mind?


January 26, 2018
6:55 am

We tend to spend our lives forming a vast, intricate identity, adding daily information to inform our personality, philosophy and tastes.

But what happens when you strip all that identity-building away? When it really comes down to the wire, which aspects will prevail as the true “you”?

We think our Week 4 subjects meditated on that idea.

Felix Skinner
Ignat Frege
Alec Dartley < Cory Hanson
Nick Podgurski
Bas Mantel < Nickolas Mohanna
Jack Shirley

Who are you this time?


January 19, 2018
6:02 am

In the field of organic chemistry, it’s not the molecules that are of greatest interest — it’s the unique connections between them.

It’s not too big a deal if you’ve got a carbon surrounded by hydrogens. But the right connections between them really can explode the whole program, creating something brand-new in a miraculous way.

I appreciate this week’s subjects because they can draw connections between seemingly unrelated thoughts and make them harmonious.

Andrea Di Cesare
Laila Biali
Brenna Ehrlich < Zan Romanoff
Brenna Ehrlich < Sarah McCarry
Jon Crocker

Can you untie what’s been tied?


January 12, 2018
7:05 am

Out of the heavy weather of 2017, we step into a forest clearing, a silent respite of blank newness.

That’s where our first conversation of 2018 took place, between two multidisciplinary artists on a grimy bench right near the Pacific Ocean.

From there, our subjects expounded into the realms of insects, trumpets, clouds, death and the Alaskan wilderness.

Neal Breton < Chris Lambert
Ruben Zarate
Liza Anne
Bruno Major
Caleb Nichols < Cambria Goodwin

We hope the new year finds you all in good health!


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