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December 14, 2018
6:15 am

This is a wrap for 2018 at North of the Internet!

9 We published 136 conversations this year — that’s 36 more than 2017.

9 We welcomed wonderful 2D, 3D, 4D and guest curators — Neal Breton, Caleb Nichols, Alec Dartley, Chris Lambert, Ruben Zarate, James Jackson Toth, Trinidad Escobar, Brandon Geurts, Nicholas Coyne, Clive Hacker, Alexandra Wallace, Eric Weiner, Jerry David DeCicca and Meredith Hobbs.

9 We expanded our company into North of the Internet, Inc., and introduced our unique record label Computer Students.

Next year, we plan to venture outside the boundaries of graphic design and the written word to connect creative human beings like never before.

Click here to read all of our 2018 conversations. We’ll see you next year!

Dignity and introspection!


December 7, 2018
6:20 am

You may have noticed that North of the Internet is running on a more freeform schedule than usual.

As 2018 winds down, we’re examining the types of conversations we want to have, how we can expand beyond just text and graphic design, and how we can make NOTI more open and transparent.

In the meantime, enjoy this week’s conversations in the realms of herpetology, songwriting and hotels.

Karen Haglof
Fred Thomas
Alexandra Wallace < Kenny Osehan

Dignity and introspection!


November 30, 2018
11:03 am

North of the Internet is back after our longest break to date!

This fall, we’ve been attending to our families, our daily work and a unique, futuristic new label called Computer Students.

We plan to wrap up 2018 with some amazing new 1D, 2D, 3D and 4D conversations.

This week, we spoke with a composer, a novelist and a synthesist about mysticism, pancakes and more.

Charlie Looker
Brenna Ehrlich < Kat Gardiner
Nicholas Coyne < Farao

Dignity and introspection!


September 7, 2018
8:15 am

At North of the Internet, we have never been interested in featuring one discipline over another. As the two of us come from a musical background, many wonderful subjects of ours have been from such — but NOTI is for everyone.

Week 35 features artists from culinary, broadcasting and comedy backgrounds, as well as deep-seated revelations about theology, literature, nature, roses and the moon.

David Pajo
Meredith Hobbs < Keshia Hay
Alexandra Wallace < Josh Ruben
Eric Liewald
Nicholas Coyne < Alan Cross

Dignity and introspection!


August 10, 2018
7:20 am

Week 32 on North of the Internet was all about reconnection, revisitation and reawakening.

Bas Mantel spoke with Chad VanGaalen, who he became acquainted with after a concert in Paradiso.

Chris Lambert spoke with Mark Borchardt, a playwright who had left a great impression on him years prior.

And we spoke with Aaron Gerber, a poet and songwriter who made two stunning albums before retreating from the music scene.

With that, we conclude our summer 2018 conversations — we’ll be back September 3 with our regular schedule.

Be sure to revisit any conversations you’ve missed on our Archive page in the meantime!

Dignity and introspection!


August 3, 2018
6:15 am

Where do you draw the line between belief and imagination? If you focus on an idea intensely until it seems to manifest itself in reality, does that make it “real” from your individual perspective?

Perhaps it’s a matter of self-belief. Every day, brand new songs, films, websites and meals are conjured simply because we want them to be there. Would North of the Internet exist if we did not believe we could create it?

Whether providing a voice to the voiceless or summoning a song from an imaginary sphere, our Week 31 subjects are deeply in tune with what it’s like to create something from nothing.

Brenna Ehrlich < Sarai Walker
Alec Dartley < Barry Andrews
Alec Dartley < Colin Moulding

Dignity and introspection!


July 27, 2018
6:03 am

What sentimental qualities do you attach to the most mundane objects, tasks or concepts? Do you feel the urge to hold everything and everyone you deal with to personal significance?

I suppose this idea cuts both ways. Can your quality of life be really measured in stuff? Where do your memories end with assorted, store-bought items and begin with the lessons we take from others?

Our Week 30 subjects processed their future and their past deftly, with a razor-sharp view of what truly matters in the long run.

Luke Winslow-King
Daniel Bachman
Alexandra Wallace < Erich McVey

Dignity and introspection!


July 20, 2018
6:16 am

Week 29 has found me traveling all around the West Coast of America with some old friends. Right now, I’m writing from a balcony overlooking a bay deep in the Pacific Northwest.

When these long drives and flights cumulatively hit my brain just right, I feel my past, present and future coagulating into an ever-present now. Real life as a series of ever-developing relationships.

I hope North of the Internet can be a place where people can discover great thoughts, wherever and whoever they might belong to.

Jesse Ainslie
Alec Dartley < Rat Scabies
Robert Poss

What did you learn from our Week 29 subjects? Write to us!


July 13, 2018
6:05 am

We all contain the miraculous ability to something out of nothing in our daily lives. But what’s your aim in that process — inner authenticity or outward correctness?

It’s almost a continuum of intention. Do you value your own process over the tastes of others? Should all work be made for an existing audience, or so that a new community may be formed to rally around you?

Our Week 28 subjects thoughtfully meditated on whether it’s more important to be truer to oneself or those we love.

Raquel Bell
Meredith Hobbs < Taylor Belmore
Greg Connors < Garrett Devoe

Who or what do you create for?


July 6, 2018
6:20 am

I think everyone essentially grows up making their own rules for life. Then, when you go out in the world, you’re rewarded for deftly navigating others’ backgrounds and value systems.

But it’s just as important to understand where your value system came from. Are there ways you could stand to be rewired or reeducated? Do you operate on childhood preconceptions that could stand to be questioned?

Our Week 27 subjects are very self-aware about their creative, religious, emotional, cultural and intuitive frameworks, and when it’s time to honor or abandon them.

Nicholas Coyne < Talos
Sarah Vos
Jeff Slate

Never stop rewiring your mind!


June 22, 2018
7:00 am

As we cross the boundary of 200 conversations into uncharted territory, North of the Internet increasingly looks like a place to experience thoughts, concerns and ideas without prejudice or preprogramming.

What do you carry around day-to-day that was actually the conclusion of someone else’s thinking, rather than your own? How do we eliminate psychological baggage that serves no purpose anymore?

We think our Week 25 subjects can dive into our minds and help dig out the weeds.

Tim Rutili
Craig Ross
Brenna Ehrlich < Leila Sales
Alec Dartley < Roseanne Farano

Dignity and introspection!


P.S. As we get ready to unveil the next chapter for North of the Internet, our conversations will be truncated to Wednesday-Friday for the summer months. We will return to 5 a week this fall.

June 15, 2018
6:10 am

This week, North of the Internet reached 200 conversations. A week or so from now, we will have existed for one year.

We crossed the 200 mark with a brilliant American investigative researcher responsible for catching one of the most heinous criminals of our era.

One year ago, we began NOTI with six conversations and no idea what it would become. We can say with full confidence that it has surpassed all of our expectations. We are more committed than ever to providing a transformative space for peoples’ thoughts in a louder world than ever.

Thanks to our subjects, curators and the friends we’ve made along the way, NOTI has developed into an interconnected constellation made only of your intellect and imagination.

From North of the Internet HQ in New York and Italy, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Meredith Hobbs < Hayley Cain
Sarah Shook
Brenna Ehrlich < Paul Haynes

Dignity and introspection!


June 8, 2018
6:05 am

No matter what type of creative person one might be, the concept of finding and keeping an audience takes so many forms in the vast oneness of the digital landscape.

Sure, one can reach people they never dreamed of reaching, but I think everyone is starting to feel the friction of hitting the limits of human attention. In response, creation becomes “content,” often whittled down to a pithy speck of information.

Our Week 23 subjects stand against that homogenization. Without necessarily throwing out their computer or smartphone, they understand how to still reach peoples’ hearts in an old-school way.

Meredith Hobbs < Emily Wryn
Jerry David DeCicca < Brian Harnetty
Sammy Rae
Catherine Marie Charlton
Miguel Constantino

Dignity and introspection!


June 1, 2018
6:02 am

These days, we’re inundated with more agitated white noise than ever about how the world should work. It almost serves as a game of predictions: when will the outrage of the week flame out?

As a result, it’s almost shocking to actually see folks actually step outside of their comfort zone to confront the complexities of the world head-on, rather than as a jaded commentator. By being brave and getting one’s hands dirty, beauty and friendship can be wrung out of the void.

Our Week 22 subjects have gone out in the world to confront a wide scale of hurt and need, only to come out the other side with more power and purpose than when they went in.

Alec Dartley < Freddie Murphy
Robert O. Leaver
Brenna Ehrlich < Melissa Broder
Chris Glazier

How do you pursue alchemy in your daily life?


May 25, 2018
6:22 am

We think NOTI has a lot to do with the question of education. What does it mean? How do we best receive it? What is its place in an era in which all human knowledge is virtually available for free?

It’s our hope that North of the Internet provides a way for our subjects and curators to keep an open mind in a minimalist space that allows for it. We want our subjects to become conduits rather than passive consumers of knowledge.

Luckily, our Week 21 conversations touch deeply on what a real education truly means.

Mia Dyson
David Babbitt < Mark Spybey
Eric Weiner < Jay Goodman
Brandon Geurts < Terence Hannum
Brenna Ehrlich < Francesca Lia Block

May the results set your curiosity in motion!


May 18, 2018
3:08 pm

North of the Internet has been on the road lately! I write to you today from a front porch among some green, rolling hills outside Nashville, Tennessee.

We returned this week with some meditative, thought-provoking conversations about patterns, oranges, shattered glass, chickens and stardust. May they forge new connections and bridges of understanding.

Mishka Shubaly < Bartees Cox
Nicholas Coyne < Mitchell Craft
Phil Radiotes
Alexandra Wallace < Carson Ellis
Alec Dartley < Zoe Pettijohn Schade

Dignity and introspection!


April 27, 2018
6:10 am

As NOTI approaches 200 conversations, an interesting shift has taken place in Week 17. Not a single conversation this week has been curated by either one of us.

Instead, our subjects have fully taken the reins, going on to have in-depth, unconventional conversations with friends, loved ones and those they admire. It’s spiraled out into 2D, 3D and for the very first time: 4D.

Chris Lambert < Sarah Allred
Meredith Hobbs < Kevin Coons
Chris Lambert < Jacob Cole
David Babbitt < Lu Edmonds
Alexandra Wallace < Chris Austin

We’re going to take two weeks off for a visit to Chicago. We’ll see you all again in Week 20!

Dignity and introspection!


April 20, 2018
6:20 am

If you were to accurately look back on your entire life, how much of it would be graduations, birthdays, anniversaries and soccer games, and how much would it be vacancy?

Maybe we’re wrong on this, but it would seem that our actual lives might consist of looking at shabby infrastructure, waiting in lines, scrolling through sponsored ads and paying bills — whereas we may cut to the highlight reel while at death’s door.

Our Week 16 subjects are fearless in their embrace of life as perhaps being more soberly real than curated and idealistic.

Bronson Tew
Chris Lambert < Alexandra Wallace
Brian Chase
Greg Connors
Clive Hacker < Lee Tatlock

But is it all a mirage?


April 13, 2018
6:13 am

We’ve all felt the occasional nostalgic ache, a longing for a past life situation, or a sensation that everything would be better if we could just “rewind.”

In those moments, I think it’s right to ask: who are you at all? Can you define a median point of yourself based on the versions you’ve presented to each person in your life? When you consider that, are past versions of ourselves valuable simply because they’re gone?

Our Week 15 subjects aren’t afraid to survey traditions, concepts and ideas of the past and grill the falsehood out.

Jeremy Barnes

Heather Trost
Jeremy deVine
Serena Jost
Sandra Bell
Nicholas Coyne < Emma

PS. We are happy to introduce Nicholas Coyne as a new guest curator at North of the Internet!


April 6, 2018
6:32 am

We’ve only been around for a little less than a year, but a theme keeps popping up with those who really care to dig deep with us: can the mind study itself?

Maybe that’s a cliché of psychology, but I think it’s right to ask. We want to have self-aware conversations with creative human beings — not just your boilerplate promotional or egotistical ones.

This week, we have 5 great subjects who are more than willing to study who they are and how they fit into a broader picture of the world.

Sam Small
Alec Dartley < Kevin Haskins
Caleb Dailey
Alexi Erenkov
Bas Mantel < G.W. Sok

Are you but a drop in the sea?


March 30, 2018
6:30 am

What is the nature of noise? Not necessarily the daily noise we’re exposed to that’s just sort of filed away, but mental noise, unnecessary conversation, anxious baggage.

How would you react in a state of actual silence, where the nagging tension would erased? Would that lead to transcendence, or is the excessive static what makes us human?

We think our Week 13 subjects have the unique perspective necessary to neutralize the phantom unease a little bit.

Rafiq Bhatia
Brandon Geurts < Kate Kinder
Dan Kaufman
Elise LeGrow
Samara Lubelski

P.S. We have made the switch from weekly to monthly email newsletters. Sign up here!


March 23, 2018
6:13 am

After carefully studying our analytics and feedback, we’ve made the decision to switch over from a weekly to monthly newsletter to cut down on unnecessary email bulk. We will continue our weekly updates in our Journal section. At the end of each month, expect a special, comprehensive newsletter from us that details our entire month of conversations!

So keep reading, keep sharing and keep loading up NOTI every day — and we leave you now with these five fascinating subjects.

Jim Kerr
Brenna Ehrlich < Rainbow Rowell
Trinidad Escobar < Meredith Hobbs
David Lanz
Gary Lucas

Whatever you do, stay close to the North!


March 9, 2018
6:02 am

We write to you from the midst of a snowstorm in New York, working hard on delivering incredible new conversations to you.

Did you know our staff is a grand total of two friends living in two different parts of the world? Regardless, we convened in the city this week to discuss some exciting developments North of the Internet will be bringing you in 2018.

Beyond that, we hope you enjoy this week of intellectually nourishing, mind-expanding talks, which begins with one of my personal favorite artists of the 20th century. We certainly did.

Ian Anderson
Eric Slick < Skyler Skjelset
James Jackson Toth < Douglas Rushkoff
Andrea Gibson
Jesy Fortino

We’re going to take a break from posts next week. We’ll see you in Week 12!


March 2, 2018
6:10 am

It’s only now become really clear to me after about 25 years how much loss all of us have to reckon with in our past, present and future.

In my case, it almost leads to a sense of resentment if you meet somebody who has seemingly dealt with zero adversity.

However, I think the right reaction is to reverse death in life — to live proudly in the face of grief, to look forward without losing sight of the gift of the people or things you had.

Maybe our Week 9 subjects can lead the way.

Eric Weiner
Angelina La Pointe
Vanessa Jean Speckman
Nimai Larson < Corey Towers
Jacob Hemphill

May their insights be of service!


February 23, 2018
6:10 am

If there’s one message I hope we can eventually convey with NOTI, it might be “Hey, you can’t just get in line.”

I hope we’re a tiny bit in opposition to the forces in our world that would like to limit our imaginations to a series of canned talking points and indignant tweets.

Try and think beyond the glowing screen this week, about how this form of reality hides an innate genius beyond what anyone could have guessed otherwise.

Maybe our Week 8 subjects can help.

Kyle Bates
Maya Stoner
Brenna Ehrlich < Lily Anderson
Eric Slick < Greg Saunier
Kalu James
Sean McCann

Keep in touch!


February 16, 2018
6:10 am

The great Quincy Jones recently said this: “God is pushing the bad in our face to make people fight back.”

I wouldn’t blame anyone who feels like our global problems are coarsening lately, the unsavoriness digging in its heels, the divide widening between coolness and ugliness.

Luckily, we have our Week 7 subjects to see our global turmoil as a means to an end for transcendence.

Ruben Zarate < L. Martin
Chad Peck
Brenna Ehrlich < Lianne Oelke
Ezra Feinberg
Alec Dartley < Ty Segall

Where’s your spiritual battle headed?


February 9, 2018
6:20 am

The part of the constellation Orion that contains the Horsehead Nebula contains some stunning juxtapositions of light and shadow, substance and negative space.

If you take a look at a photo, the dark clouds of the Horsehead are opaque like thick ink, while the Orion Nebula is diffused, ethereal.

I see our Week 6 subjects as possessing a unique ability to make out what’s beyond the glass, darkly.

Brenna Ehrlich < Jessica Cluess
Fiona Joy Hawkins
Brenna Ehrlich < Kate Bernheimer
Chris Lambert < Weston Scott
Jerry David DeCicca

PS. All of our conversations now follow a background color system as per each curator. Browse and enjoy!


February 2, 2018
6:35 am

We’re increasingly living in an arbitrary, linear world where little moments of awe are made out to be quaint or irrelevant.

What if a sliver of energy we spent worrying about exes, brunch, losing ten pounds, our online aesthetic, getting to work on time and negative Twittering was spent gobsmacked by a leaf or a lizard?

Our Week 5 subjects are interested in the world for what it is, not what it’s agreed upon to be.

Sarah McQuaid
Eric Slick < Harmony Tividad
Brook Dalton
Chris Lambert < Anton Kellner
Shawn Amos

What ordinary things blow your mind?


January 26, 2018
6:55 am

We tend to spend our lives forming a vast, intricate identity, adding daily information to inform our personality, philosophy and tastes.

But what happens when you strip all that identity-building away? When it really comes down to the wire, which aspects will prevail as the true “you”?

We think our Week 4 subjects meditated on that idea.

Felix Skinner
Ignat Frege
Alec Dartley < Cory Hanson
Nick Podgurski
Bas Mantel < Nickolas Mohanna
Jack Shirley

Who are you this time?


January 19, 2018
6:02 am

In the field of organic chemistry, it’s not the molecules that are of greatest interest — it’s the unique connections between them.

It’s not too big a deal if you’ve got a carbon surrounded by hydrogens. But the right connections between them really can explode the whole program, creating something brand-new in a miraculous way.

I appreciate this week’s subjects because they can draw connections between seemingly unrelated thoughts and make them harmonious.

Andrea Di Cesare
Laila Biali
Brenna Ehrlich < Zan Romanoff
Brenna Ehrlich < Sarah McCarry
Jon Crocker

Can you untie what’s been tied?


January 12, 2018
7:05 am

Out of the heavy weather of 2017, we step into a forest clearing, a silent respite of blank newness.

That’s where our first conversation of 2018 took place, between two multidisciplinary artists on a grimy bench right near the Pacific Ocean.

From there, our subjects expounded into the realms of insects, trumpets, clouds, death and the Alaskan wilderness.

Neal Breton < Chris Lambert
Ruben Zarate
Liza Anne
Bruno Major
Caleb Nichols < Cambria Goodwin

We hope the new year finds you all in good health!


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