Nicholas asked Mitchell about the most notable recent experience he had involving these three senses.


When you say that, it brings to mind the last time I “made” something with my hands and the experience of creating. Yes, they are my ideas and my hands, but they aren’t ideas I contemplated beforehand; they were very natural.

I’m interested in repetition in my work and that comes from the process. New ideas kind of trigger that for me. Like, you put one tile down at a time and eventually it fills out the floor. While it’s going on, you’re thinking about how it will all look when it’s done and the repetition of the steps. There’s a lot to contemplate when completing a task and your body feels a lot of it. As you’re going and you physically work through it, you create new ways to get it done.


Working with vibrant colors does that for me, like oranges. I like oranges a lot, and just seeing a bag of them, I can be taken back to a more nostalgic place of other times opening up oranges as a kid.


The interactive work on my site is done with oscillators. With the square piece, it’s three oscillators at once, so that’s why it registers as a buzzing noise. Each oscillator was set to a different sin wave. They all kind of compete with each other. I use sound to trigger something in my work. A quick sound will transport you to a different place so you can make a lighter or darker visual.

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