Conversation: 170
Curated by: Chris Lambert
Conducted by: Google Hangout
Edited by: Morgan Enos
Published: April 17, 2018
Total questions: 6 + 8
Word count: 1200
Reading time: Four minutes
Imagery: 6


Animals: 6
Fear: Null
Source: ∞
Burrito: Accessed
Communication: ∞


About the subject

Alexandra Wallace is a photographer, visual artist and the founder of Coyote + Oak. She resides in Orcutt, California.

About the curator

Chris Lambert is a singer-songwriter and recording engineer from Orcutt, CA. Since 2016, he has hosted a weekly podcast called Are We Okay? where he has conversations about creativity, positivity, and the meaning of life with a new artist every Tuesday.


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